Conference Extended Education - Practice, Theories and Activities in Stockholm, Sweden

WERA-IRN Conference Extended Education 2019 in Stockholm, Sweden
Image Credit: Stockholm University

September 26-28, 2019

The aim of this conference is to present and discuss different research perspectives and theories on goals and practices of extended education. Moreover, the diverse concepts and paradigms governing extended education activities will be explored.

An academic dialogue

Extended education can be perceived as a social, discursive or an educational practice with a caregiving dimension. It is culturally and historically constructed, with different developmental paths due to the respective traditions and societal expectations in different countries. It can be organized as a school-age educare center, an all-day school or as an activity separate from a school’s regular classes.

Theories underlying extended education evolve from a variety of academic disciplines, having different philosophical and practical ideas and assumptions about the development and growth of children and youth.

Through various theoretical perspectives, we invite an academic dialogue that aims at comparing and challenging concepts of child/youth and children’s and youth’s well-being, everyday activities, norms and affirmation to life among different countries and cultures.

Questions and different perspectives

Moreover, the activities offered in the field of extended education are at variance. The following questions will be discussed: From whose perspective are activities and in what ways are they designed? What perspective do we take when talking about activities? Is it the perspective of the children, the parents, the school or the society?

Participants in the second WERA-IRN EXTENDED EDUCATION conference – Extended Education: Practice, Theories and Activities – will provide insights as they analyze fundamental elements of extended education worldwide, point out possible ways to develop the practices and activities from different perspectives, and suggest the specific theoretical and methodological approaches needed to promote research in this field.

The conference will be organized by Prof. Dr. Rickard Jonsson, Stockholm University, Sweden, Prof. Dr. Anna Klerfelt, Jönköping University, Sweden, and Dr. Anna-Lena Ljusberg, Stockholm University, Sweden.

More information on the website of the conference.