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Students of educational science

Please note, that the mono bachelor "educational science" is solely instructed in German and therefore sufficient German knowledge is a key requirement for successful admission!

What possibilities does the affiliative area offer?

In the affiliative area, students have the opportunity to gain insights into other subjects that interest them in addition to educational science, to supplement their studies focus point or to develop  a second separate focus. The affiliative area can also be used sensibly with regard to later individual professional goals students might have.

Important: The information sheets on the affine area are updated accordingly every new semester!

Affiliative courses information sheet wintersemester 22/23 (only in German)

What can I study in the affiliative area?

Affiliative mandatory module: "Introduction to psychology as an affiliative subject"

The mandatory module “Introduction to Psychology as an affiliative Subject” (10 CP) is recommended for the 1st semester and must be studied during the course of studies.

Information on the exact content, qualification goals and the scope of the module as well as other offers in the affiliative field of psychology (can be studied in the other freely selectable affiliative modules) can be found in the information sheet on the affine subject psychology (only in German).

Freely selectable affine modules

The other 20 ECTS can be chosen freely from all offered courses at Freie Universität Berlin (or other universities). The course catalog can provide a good initial orientation for what the Freie Universität Berlin has to offer. For further information, it is advisable to look through the corresponding study and examination regulations of other degree programs. In principle, there are no content restrictions with regard to the range of subjects that can be selected in the affiliative area (exception: pedagogical degree programs that are too similar to the Bachelor's degree in educational science, such as rehabilitation pedagogy, elementary school pedagogy, social work etc.)

Important for the subject psychology:

Affiliative elective modules in psychology can only be started in the winter semester and extend over two semesters. There is no stand-alone offer for the summer semester!

Important for the subject of law:

Offered courses through the Department of Law cannot be studied as an affiliative course. It is possible to study similar modules at another university in the form of a part-time student.

Due to space restrictions in some departments, quota agreements apply in these cases, for which students have to apply a head of time if interested.

This applies to the following departments / subjects, among others:

*all documents only given in German

When are the registration deadlines?

For the offers with a contingent agreement, an application must be made due to the limited number of participants. If there are more registrations than places for the module, a lottery will be used.

Registration deadline here by (DATE) at the latest by email to susanne.heinze-drinda@fu-berlin.de

The FU-wide registration deadlines (DATE) apply to all other offers.

What other options are there?

If you do not like the offers of the Freie Universität Berlin or if it is not possible to choose events that interest you, there is also the possibility of visiting offers from other universities in the form of a secondary audience and thus providing related services.

Examples of this would be e.g.