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Students of other programs

Please note, that the mono bachelor "educational science" is solely instructed in German and therefore sufficient German knowledge is a key requirement for successful admission!

Which educational science modules can be studied in the affiliative area?

Winter modules
Module 1 “Education and Upbringing” 10 ECTS
Module 2 “Methods of Empirical Social Research I” 10 ECTS
Module 6 “Approaches to Pedagogical Action - Basics” 10 ECTS

Summer modules
Module 3 “Socialization and Learning” 10 ECTS
Module 4 “Institutionalization of Education” 10 ECTS
Module 5 “Heterogeneity of upbringing and educational processes” 10 ECTS

Students of other degree programs at Freie Universität Berlin have the opportunity to study courses in the basic area (modules 1 to 6) of the bachelor Educational Science. More details on the content and qualification goals can be found in the module description (only in German). For further information, please contact the Examination Office Educational Science (susanne.heinze-drinda@fu-berlin.de).


  • Only one module with 10 ECTS can be studied as an affiliative course per semester in the Bachelor Educational Science. In total, students can take part in a maximum of two modules, each with a total of 10 ECTS.
  • The module registration takes place through the Examination Office (susanne.heinze-drinda@fu-berlin.de). The associated courses can only be registered in Campus Management after the desired module has been officially assigned.

Information for:

  • Students of the Department of History and Cultural Studies:
There is a quota agreement for 15 places per semester for students from this department. The first 15 registrations will be considered. Unfortunately no further registrations can be put into account.
  • Students of the Course of Studies Psychology:

Same applies here with 15 places being provided per semester. Modules 1, 3, 4, 5 and 6 are available to psychology students to study. Module 2 is not part of the offer due to its proximity to the subject of the study course Psychology. Registration is carried out via the Bachelor's Examination Office in Psychology (bachelor@psychologie.fu-berlin.de).

  • Students of the Department of Political Science:

Here, too, there is a quota agreement for 14 students per semester to be able to partake. You can also register via the Political Science Examination Office.

When are the registration deadlines?

Winter semester from September 1st to 9th

Summer semester from March 1st to March 10th