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Universities’ Role in Promoting Sustainable Education - Workshop and Cooperation Tel Aviv-Berlin

On June 7 and 8, Prof. Dr. Nina Kolleck und Mareike Well attend the workshop "Universities’ Role in Promoting Sustainable Education – Integrating Theory, Research and Good Practice" in Tel Aviv.

News vom 06.06.2017

In cooperation with researchers from Tel Aviv University and Freie Universität Berlin they will further develop existing research and practice into an interdisciplinary working group of researchers, sustainability managers and administrative staff of both universities in all aspects of this field and to submit joint research proposals for conducting the research with special focus on the model of Green Campus. The cooperation is lead by Prof. Dr. Nina Kolleck and Dr. Dorit Kerret, Tel Aviv University.

Mareike Well will give a speech on "Secretarial politics in climate change education. How the UNFCCC Secretariat re-interprets its mandate in the context of Action for Climate Empowerment (ACE)”. Prof. Dr. Nina Kolleck will give a speech on “Understanding the role of bureaucracy in Climate Change Education”.

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