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Wintersemester 2014/2015

12853 Introduction to E-Learning: Psychological and educational foundation, development, evaluation, and use in educational settings

Online seminar, 2 hours per week, 4 ECTS credits. Introductory session: Oct. 14, 2014, 14:15-15:45, Room SR 046, Institute for Computer Science, Takustr. 9, 13357 Berlin. Please register for the course via Tutor Till Zoppke. This is a complete E-learning seminar consisting of 10 learning modules for self-study with opportunity to communicate and discuss the learning material with your fellow students via the Learning Management System (LMS) Blackboard of the FU Berlin. This online seminar is preferably scheduled for students from foreign countries. The seminar requires about 2 to 3 hours of study-time per week. 

Important: Please attend the introductory session. It is required that you register for the seminar by sending an E-Mail to the tutor of the seminar Till Zoppke. Please provide the following information in your E-Mail:

  1. your full name
  2. your e-mail address
  3. your matriculation number at the FU
  4. your matriculation number at your home university
  5. the name of your home university
  6. your main field of study
  7. the current number of the study year

After you are accepted for this seminar, you will receive the access code to the learning content presented in the Learning Management System (LMS) Blackboard of the FU Berlin and additional information for the seminar.

This online learning seminar consists of the following 10 learning modules:

  1. What is elearning?
  2. Learning theory: Behaviorism
  3. Learning theory: Cognitivism
  4. Cognitivism: Case based reasoning and learning with mental scripts
  5. Learning theory: Constructivism
  6. Constructivism: problem-oriented and interactive learning
  7. Instructional Systems Design (ISD)
  8. Project management and didactical conception of e-learning
  9. Media design and development of e-learning applications
  10. Evaluation of e-learning applications.

It is recommended that you study one module per week. After registration you will receive a study-schedule for this seminar.

This online seminar allows you to study for yourself at your computer any time any place. This freedom of learning requires learning-motivation and discipline on your side. The Learning Management System (LMS) offers you the possibility to communicate with your fellow students, with the tutor, and with the professor per e-Mail or in the forum and to build a learning group with fellow students.

In the course material you will find "self-test questions" for each module with master solutions. Working out these self-test questions is the best preparation for the final test.

In order to receive an attestation of participation or a graded certificate for this seminar, it is required that you participate in the final written test, which will take place on campus January 19, 2015. Details will be announced later.

For passing the final exam you will receive 4 ECTS credits (4 LP).

In case you have a technical problem getting access to the content material of the seminar or to the communication tools, please address the Tutor Till Zoppke. With content questions you may address Prof. Dr. Issing. Additional information you can find at www.cmr.fu-berlin.de.

Reference literature: Issing, L.J. and Klimsa, P. (Eds.) (2009/2011) Online-Lernen. Oldenbourg Verlag, München. http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Massive_Open_Online_Course