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Retrospective: Bühler and her time

The festive program was opened in the afternoon of the 21st of November by the "Retrospective: Bühler and her time" in the salons of the Bartensteingasse 9. Three short introductory presentations led to a discourse under the moderation of Lieselotte Ahnert: Klaus Grossmann (University of Regensburg / Germany) with the "Developmental Psychology of the Bühler Period"; Gerhard Benetka (Sigmund Freud University of Vienna) with the "Founding of the Psychology Institute in Vienna and the Formation of Developmental Psychology"; and Brigitte Rollett with "Charlotte Bühler as a Scientist and University Lecturer".



On the two following days (22nd and 23rd of November), the symposium which was the core of the festive program was held in the Main Ceremonial Hall of the University. Accompanied by entertaining breaks, good coffee and culinary nibbles, the topics from the current Vienna research addressing four main focus areas (attachment and relationships, fatherhood, childhood stress processing and trauma) were presented. The Vienna presentations included "Attachment patterns in multiple caretaking settings" (Supper), "Fatherhood of infancy" (Ahnert), "Stress reactivity during the adaptation to childcare" (Tupy) and "Long-term consequences of children's trauma during World War Second "(Lueger-Schuster). These presentations were introduced by four international and prominent experts in the respective field of research: Ross Thompson (University of California at Davis/USA), Michael Lamb (University of Cambridge/UK), Megan Gunnar (University of Minnesota/USA) and Zahava Solomon (University of Tel-Aviv/Israel).

Personal greetings from Vice-President Susanne Weigelin-Schwiedrzik, ÖGP-President Christiane Spiel and Dean Germain Weber opened the first day; the presidents of the League for Child Welfare (Klaus Vavrik), the GAIMH-Austria (Katharina Kruppa) and GAIMH-Germany (Karl-Heinz Brisch) opened the second day.

The fully occupied auditorium consisted of our students from the Faculty of Psychology, the cooperative partners of our research as well as representatives of relevant associations and organizations.




Meet the scientists

In the late afternoons of the 22nd and 23rd of November, a total of 11 "Meet the Scientist" sessions were held at our faculty building, where students had the opportunity to talk to Ross Thompson (University of California at Davis/USA), Michael Lamb (University of Cambridge/UK), Megan Gunnar (University of Minnesota(USA) and Zahava Solomon (University of Tel-Aviv/Israel), Andreas Krapp (University of the Federal Armed Forces in Munich/Germany), Harald Euler (University of Kassel/Germany), Klaus and Karin Grossmann (University of Regensburg/Germany), Karl-Heinz Brisch (LMU Munich/Germany), Birgit Elsner (University of Potsdam/Germany), Angela Ittel (TU Berlin/Germany) and Maja Zupančič (University of Ljubljana/Slovenia). A field kitchen (on the first symposium afternoon) and a “Würstelstand” (on the second afternoon) helped to ensure the necessary perseverance for the presentations and discussions.


Evening Events

Finally, two evening events rounded off the festive days. On the evening of 22nd November, editor Lieselotte Ahnert together with Marion Krämer from the editorial office at Springer Verlag as well as seven authors of the new textbook "Theories in Developmental Psychology" were welcomed by Vice-President Christa Schnabl, followed by the presentation of the book and the discussion on its production process. There was also great interest in the crossover between the scientific core of the book chapters and the photo documentation, which was presented by Christian Thiel and discussed in his presence.
On the evening of the 23rd of November, the festive program finally ended with a banquet in the Golden Senate Hall of the Vienna City Building, upon invitation from the mayor, and was opened by the member of state parliament Waltraud Karner-Kremser. Speeches by Lieselotte Ahnert (organization manager) and Dean Germain Weber rounded off the evening.