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Master Program SCAN

Note: The study program has approval from all relevant university committees but is not yet approved by the senate of Berlin. Nevertheless we recommend that you apply for the program as it is unlikely that approval will be denied at that stage. The application process is described in more detail below. We will notify you if there are changes to the study regulations.


Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Cognitive Neuroscience

Applicant Intake

Limited number of highly motivated students

Program Start


Program Duration

 4 semesters, including M.Sc. thesis

Language of Instruction


Tuition Fees

  • There are no designated tuition fees for this Master program.
  • For enrollment, students will face administrative costs of approximately 250 - 270 € per semester.
  • Funding and scholarships can be obtained upon personal engagement at common institutions and societies.


  • The Master's program is integrative and research-focused. The Cognitive Neuroscience Master qualifies for scientific work in the fields of fundamental and applied research with neurocognitive methods.

  • Students gain a broad theoretical and methodological competence in analyzing and predicting the neurocognitive principles of experience and behavior.

  • The Cognitive Neuroscience Master offers excellent qualification for an academic career in the fields of general and neurocognitive psychology, and biological psychology and cognitive neuroscience.

Helpful Prior Knowledge

  • Basics in cognitive and experimental psychology
  • Basics in brain anatomy and biological psychology
  • Basics in mathematics and statistics





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