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Graduation Ceremony Autumn 2022



News vom 01.09.2022

Dear SCAN/MCNB students, alumni, and their friends,

We are happy to invite you to yet another graduation ceremony and autumn party. 

2022-10-13 Thursday 16:00-18:00 Graduation Ceremony (Location: L116 Seminarzentrum)
2022-10-13 Thursday 19:00-22:00 Autumn Party at PI Cafe (drinks & snacks provided)

We invite everyone who has recently submitted their theses (even if not defended yet) to participate as a graduate in the ceremony (SCAN and MCNB program from all cohorts)! The graduation ceremony is open to the public, and you are invited to bring friends and family. We invite all current and new students and alumni (from 11 years) to participate and celebrate with us! Thereby, this event shall also be a fantastic opportunity for you to get to know each other, to hear what previous students have done after finishing their master and to connect with the new cohort of MCNB22 students.

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