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Current projects

  • Creation of a guideline for education for sustainable development

  • Trust in and towards educational institutions

for more detailed information and descriptions to current projects click here (German)

Finished projects

  • Project Transformative learning through commitment (TrafoBNE)

  • Sustainability at universities: develop - network - report (HOCH-N), work package: governance (promoted by Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Berlin)

  • Reconstruction of governance regimes linked to education for sustainable development (promoted by Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Berlin)

  • Inventory of the anchoring of education for sustainable development in education and curricula

  • Evaluation of the campaign "school of the future"

  • Future town Gelsenkirchen

  • Rio+20 local

  • Representative study of environmental awareness and environmental behaviour in Germany 2012 (promoted by Federal Environment Agency Dessau)

for more detaild information and descriptions to finished projekts click here (German)