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Dr. Stefan Schulreich

University of Hamburg

Dpt. of Cognitive Psychology

PhD Candidate

Institute of Psychology

Von-Melle-Park 5
20146 Hamburg

Influence of individual and group-level emotions on decision making (decision making under risk, social decision making) and underlying neural processes

Relationship between affective personality constructs (e.g., psychopathy, trait anxiety, emotion regulation) and decision making

Psychopathic traits and their behavioral and neural correlates (e.g., feedback processing)


Schulreich S. (2016). Altered performance monitoring in psychopathy: A review of studies on action selection, error, and feedback processing. Current Behavioral Neuroscience Reports (Online First). doi: 10.1007/s40473-016-0061-x

Schulreich S., Gerhardt H., HeekerenH.R. (2015). Incidental fear cues increase monetary loss aversion. Emotion (online first). doi: 10.1037/emo0000124

Fatfouta R.*, Schulreich S.*, Meshi D., Heekeren H.R. (2015). So close to a deal: Spatial-distance cues influence economic decision-making in a social context. PLOS ONE 10(8):1-9. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0135968

Schulreich S.*, Heussen Y.G.*, Gerhardt H.*, Mohr P.N.C., Binkofski F.C., Koelsch S., Heekeren H.R. (2014). Music-evoked incidental happiness modulates probability weighting during risky lottery choices. Frontiers in Psychology: Decision Neuroscience 4:981. doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2013.00981

Schulreich S.*, Pfabigan D.M.*, Derntl. B., Sailer U. (2013). Fearless Dominance and reduced feedback-related negativity amplitudes in a time-estimation task - Further neuroscientific evidence for dual-process models of psychopathy. Biological Psychology 93(3), 352-363.

* equally contributeds

Conferences, Summer Schools & Workshops

14th Annual Meeting of the Society for Neuroeconomics (SNE), 28-30.08.2016, Berlin, Germany. Poster: "Emotion-induced increases in loss aversion are associated with increased negative value coding in the amygdala"

42th Conference "Psychologie und Gehirn", 26-28.05.2016, Berlin, Germany. Poster: "Emotion-induced changes in loss aversion are associated with altered salience processing and functional connectivity of the amygdala"

3rd Einstein Fellowship Symposium on “Decision Making“, 25-26.04.2013, Berlin, Germany. Poster: "Risk attitudes in the gain domain are influenced by music-evoked incidental emotions“

55th Conference of Experimental Psychologists (“Tagung experimentell arbeitender Psychologen/TeaP”), 24-27.03.2013, Vienna, Austria. Talk: “Risk attitudes in the gain domain are influenced by music-evoked incidental emotions“

Summer School 2012 on “EEG and fMRI Analysis with EEGlab and SPM”, 2-4.10.2012, Delmenhorst, Germany

Workshop on Social Neuroscience, 14-18.11.2011, Ghent, Belgium

Summer School in Behavior Observation and Analysis 2008, 4.8.-12.9.2008, Vienna, Austria