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Aims of the CIEAEM Conferences

Aims of CIEAEM

CIEAEM, the International Commission for the Study and Improvement of Mathematics Teaching is founded in 1950 by Caleb Gattegno, Gustave Choquet, and Jean Piaget. CIEAEM investigates the actual conditions and the possibilities for the development of mathe-matics education in order to improve the quality of teaching mathematics. During annual meetings, research of educational develop-ments in mathematics is presented and dis-cussed.

The Conferences of CIEAEM

CIEAEM conferences are a unique meeting place where teachers and researchers work together, and exchange their experiences and views in a friendly and stimulating climate – from practice and theory, from research and its critique or application into educational development. They provide an open space for researchers, teacher trainers, teachers and future teachers. Over one hundred people attend this conference yearly. Ongoing developments in mathematics educa-tion as a scientific discipline and reflections within CIEAEM change the topics and subjects of conference themes, the research fields involved and the debates. Originally focusing on content reformulation or selection and on methodo-logical questions in mathematics education during its first decades, CIEAEM now opens conversations to broader epistemological, psychological, sociological and technological issues. Substantial attention is paid to the conditions of the educational environment (interaction, evaluation and assessment) and to contemporary problems in connection with newly-developed technologies.