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  • How do I fill in my Learning Agreement if neither the future course catalogue nor the general prospect of courses are published yet?
    In this case just fill in the areas of study you want to take courses in. Our course catalogue and the archiv of the course catalogue will give you a rough idea about how next semester's courses will be shaped.
    As soon as the course catalogue is published and you signed in your actual courses you fill the form Changes of Learning Agreement (the second page of the document) and send it, together with your old Learning Agreement, to your home university.

  • How can I get my Transcript of Records at the end of my stay?
    To receive a Transcript of Records at the end of your Erasmus exchange please contact Ms. Annette Herzog-Thamm by mail. She will send you a formular. Please complete it and send it back by mail together with a printout of your Campus Management certificate and all other course certificates ("Leistungsscheine") you received during your ERASMUS studies. Ms. Herzog-Thamm then will prepare your Transcript of Records and send it to you via post.

    Note: Please forward the complete documents otherwise you cannot get your Transcript of Records.

  • Learning-Agreement: where do I find the course-numbers (LV-numbers)?
    It is necessary to fill in the agreement correctly, to have it signed. Therefore we need the course-number of every single course you wish to attend (LV-number = Lehrveranstaltungsnummer). You can find it in the course catalogue (at the department of education this number begins usually with 12...). It is not the number of the whole module!