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Ongoing projects

Trust in and towards educational institutions, 12/2014- (ongoing)

In this research area we investigate issues of trust in and toward formal educational institutions. This includes studies on the trust of parents towards teachers and their child's school, as well as studies on the importance of trust in the study entry phase. In the empirical studies, we work with different methods of quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis. In addition, we are developing and testing an instrument that can be used to differentially assess the importance of different situations for the development of trust and to provide a perspective. The studies of the research area connect to discourses in the field of organizational development in schools and higher education, transition research, research on educational partnerships and parental involvement, habitus research, and educational governance research, and also contribute to the further development of methodology in trust research.

Published Results

„Trust in Educational Settings—What It Is and Why It Matters” Bormann, I., Niedlich, S., Würbel, I. (2022)

“Home-school interaction: A vignette study of parents’ views on situations relevant to trust” Bormann, I.; Killus, D.; Niedlich, S.; Würbel, I. (2022)

Trust in educational settings: Insights and emerging research questions” Bormann, I.; Niedlich, S.; Würbel, I. (2022)

“Soziale Innovationen und Vertrauen am Beispiel von Digitalisierung im Bildungsbereich“ Bormann, I.; Truschkat, I. (2022)

"A comprehensive view of trust..." Niedlich, S.; Kallfaß, A.; Pohle, S.; Bormann, I. (2020).

"Trust and trusting practices..." Bormann, I.; Thies, B. (2019).

"Development and validation..." Bormann, I.; Niedlich, S.; Staats, M. (2019).

"Approaching..." Schweizer, A.; Niedlich, S.; Adamczyk, J.; Bormann, I. (2017).


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