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Sachunterricht and its didactics

he first four years of elementary school are devoted to the study of science, which provides children with the opportunity to explore and develop basic knowledge about the world. In terms of content, the subject matter of physical education focuses on specific forms and products of human cultural activity. There are always two main aspects to this: the shaping of man's relationship to animate and inanimate nature, including science and technology, and the shaping of people's coexistence with one another, i.e. social and political relationships.

The aim of the study of the didactics of the subject area is the acquisition of knowledge and skills in the subject and subject-didactic area, which will enable future teachers of the subject area to help children to understand the reality of their lives at school as independently as possible from the point of view of the subject structure.

You can find the courses for the learning area of "Sachunterricht" for the current semester by clicking on the link "Lehrveranstaltungen" below and then going to item 5 "Grundschulpädagogik".

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