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Experimental Psychology and Neuropsychology

Information on the Division

The research conducted within this division focuses on examining visual attention processes and the processing of affective information. Behavioral data are placed in relation to various psychophysiological indicators. Electrophysiological key indicators (EEG, ECP, EMG) that permit an analysis of temporal dynamics of processing are centrally important in this regard (see “Research”).

 In the field of clinical neuropsychology, we examine the changes that can occur in visual perception as the result of brain damage. The division also offers neuropsychological consultation hours during which people can obtain an outpatient neuropsychological assessment (see “Neuropsychological Consultation”).



Cognitive Training for Seniors

Starting in February, 2009, we will offer cognitive training for seniors as part of our neuropsychological consultation service. The training, which aims to enhance concentration and memory, will be offered to small groups (six to eight participants). For more information, please see “Consultation.”


Test Subjects Wanted for Norming of a Neuropsychological Test

We are still looking for test subjects to undergo testing of their visual perception for norming of a test process. The test does not look at visual acuity, but rather at subjects’ visual and spatial perceptions and perceptions of objects. For more information, please see “Perception Testing” (coming soon).

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