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Cognitive Neuropsychology

Our research in Cognitive Neuropsychology is currently aimed at understanding the functional and neural architecture of the language system and the processing of visual words. In single case and group studies using different experimental approaches, we investigate the performance of patients with brain injury to infer normal cognitive function.


(L. Lichtheim: Über Aphasie. Deutsches Archiv
   für klinische Medicin, Leipzig, 1885)


At present, research projects focus on acquired disorders of reading (dyslexia), of spoken and written language production and comprehension (aphasia), and disorders involving the failure to report or respond to unilateral stimuli (hemineglect). Previous studies also investigated deficits in somatosensory processing.

The studies are conducted in clinical cooperation with the following researchers/institutes: Prof. Dr. Roelien Bastiaanse (Department of Neurolinguistics, University of Groningen, The Netherlands), Prof. Dr. Georg Goldenberg ( Department of Neuropsychology, Municipal Hospital Munich-Bogenhausen), Prof. Dr. Walter Huber ( Department of Neurolinguistics, Neurologic Clinic of RWTH Aachen), Dr. Ingo Keller ( Department of Neuropsychology, Neurologic Clinic Bad Aibling), and Prof. i.K. Dr. Georg Kerkhoff (Clinical Neuropsychology Research Group, EKN, Munich).




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  • Dr. Prisca Stenneken


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