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Bachelor Theses

Bachelor thesis to be assigned: "Interest, use, and acceptance of DiGA in the German adult general population".

The thesis focuses on digital health applications (DiGA) as a new service in the field of mental health. The aim is to investigate how well known DiGAs are in the general population, how often they are already used, and to what extent they are accepted as a useful addition to routine healthcare in the future. The study will consider different target groups of the adult population living in Germany (e.g. age, gender, educational status). For this purpose, data from the COSMO study (COVID-19 Snapshot Monitoring) will be used and the supervision of the work will be carried out in cooperation between the Department of Clinical Psychological Intervention at the Freie Universität Berlin and the Department of Mental Health at the Robert Koch Institute.

First experiences with quantitative analysis methods and the statistical software R are required. The thesis can be written in English or German.

If you are interested, please contact Sophie Eicher (s.eicher@fu-berlin.de) by November 18, 2022.