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Panagiotis Iliopoulos

I am Ph.D. Student at the University Klinik of Magdeburg (supervisors: Prof. E. Düzel, Dr. A. Maass, Prof. R. Cichy). I completed my M.Sc. studies in Cognitive Neuroscience at the LMU Munich University with a focus on neuroimaging, human memory, and cognitive control. I am intrigued by how our brain supports memory, including brain areas in the medial temporal lobe and beyond, and how this changes due to aging, disease, and interventions such as cognitive training.

I am particularly interested in the neural dynamics of memory processes, and how they are affected by aging, neurological disease, and undergo plasticity as well as interact with other functions such as visual processing. A key aim of my Ph.D. is to investigate the neural resources of mnemonic discrimination and its potential for plasticity due to cognitive training, with the ultimate goal to promote interventions that could potentially enhance cognitive performance. In this context, I work on the SFB1436 B02 project focused on web-based mnemonic discrimination training and its effect on cognition, neural function and structure.

I use a range of neuroimaging techniques, including fMRI and MRI. Specifically, I work with 3T and 7T MRI data to analyze brain structure and function, and I am passionate about statistics and methods to gain insights into cognitive processes.

I am excited about collaborating to advance our understanding of the human brain and memory processes or methods. If you are interested in exploring potential collaborations or doing a thesis with us, please feel free to reach me.