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Dr. Evgeniya Kirilina


Neurocomputation and Neuroimaging Unit

Scientific Manager fMRI, fNIRS -Lab

Scientific Manager fMRI, fNIRS -Lab


D Ostwald, E Kirilina, L Starke, F Blankenburg
A tutorial on variational Bayes for latent linear stochastic time-series models
Journal of Mathematical Psychology, 2014, (in press)

C Morawetz, E Kirilina, J Baudewig, HR Heekeren
Relationship between Personality Traits and Brain Reward Responses when Playing on a Team
PLoS ONE, 2014

A Jelzow, H Wabnitz, I Tachtsidis, E Kirilina, R Brühl, R Macdonald
Separation of superficial and cerebral hemodynamics using a single distance time-domain NIRS measurement
Biomedical Optics Express, 2013

E Kirilina, N Yu, A Jelzow, H Wabnitz, AM Jacobs, I Tachtsidis
Identifying and quantifying main components of physiological noise in functional near infrared spectroscopy on the prefrontal cortex
Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, 2013

E Kirilina, A Jelzow, A Heine, M Niessing, H Wabnitz, R Brühl, B Ittermann, AM Jacobs, I Tachtsidis
The physiological origin of task-evoked systemic artefacts in functional near infrared spectroscopy
, 2012

E Kirilina, A.Kühne, T. Lindel, W. Hoffmann, K.H. Rhein, T. Riemer, F.Seifert
Current Controlled Transmit and Receive Coil Elements (C2ONTAR) for parallel acquisition and parallel excitation techniques at high field MRI
Applied Magnetic Resonance, 2011

TT Brink K Urton, D Held, E Kirilina, M Hofmann, G Klann-Delius, AM Jacobs and L Kuchinke
The role of orbitofrontal cortex in processing empathy stories in 4-8 year-old children
Frontiers in Psychology, 2011

F Seifert, E Kirilina, T Riemer
Transmitter/receiver antenna for MR with improved decoupling between antenna elements
US Patent 20100166279, 2011

A Jelzow, I Tachtsidis, E Kirilina, M. Niessing, R Brühl, H Wabnitz, A Heine, B Ittermann, R MacDonald
Simultaneous measurement of time-domain fNIRS and physiological signals during a cognitive task
Proc SPIE, 2011

E Kirilina, T Riemer, W Driesel, HE Möller, F Seifert
The novel 12 Channel transmit/recieve array for parallel imaging of human head at 3 T
Proceedings of the Joint Annual Meeting ISMRM-ESMRMB, 2007

A Schnegg, AA Dubinskii, MR Fuchs, YA Grishin, E Kirilina, W Lubitz, M Plato, A Savitsky and K Möbius
High-field EPR, ENDOR and ELDOR on bacterial photosynthetic reaction centers,
Applied Magnetic Resonance
, 2007

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On the possible manifestation of harmonic-anharmonic dynamical transition in glassy media in electron paramagnetic resonance of nitroxide spin probes
The Journal of Chemical Physics, 2006

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Molecular Dynamics of Nitroxides in Glasses studied by Multifrequency EPR
Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry, 2005

SA Dzuba, E Kirilina, ES Salnikov, and LV Kulik
Restricted orientational motion of spin probes in molecular glasses: Comparative study of anisotropic relaxation in primary and stimulated ESE decays
Journal Chemical Physics, 2005

E Kirilina
Molecular dynamics in unordered media as studied by echo-detected EPR of nitroxide spin probes
, Novosibirsk, 2005

E Kirilina, IA Grigiriev, SA Dzuba
Orientational motion of nitroxides in molecular glasses: Dependence on the chemical structure, on the molecular size of the probe, and on the type of the matrix,
Journal Chemical Physics, 2004

E Kirlina, SA Dzuba, AG Maryasov, YD Tsvetkov
Librational dynamics of nitroxide in molecular glasses studied by echo-detected EPR
Applied Magnetic Resonance, 2001