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Jona Förster


Arbeitsbereich Neurocomputation and Neuroimaging

PhD Candidate

Habelschwerdter Allee 45
Room JK 25/211
14195 Berlin

I am interested in somatosensory, visual, and auditory awareness from a predictive coding perspective, in particular in the influence of prior expectations on consciousness, and in disentangling modality-specific from supra-modal mechanisms of consciousness. Using EEG and fMRI in combination with causal modelling and multivariate pattern analysis, I investigate the recurrent neural processes presumably underlying both (multi-)sensory consciousness and the top-down signals constantly generated by the predictive brain.

Förster, J., Koivisto, M., & Revonsuo, A. (2020). ERP and MEG correlates of visual consciousness: The second decade. Consciousness and Cognition80, 102917. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.concog.2020.102917