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Social and Emotional Development

In our field of work we deal with the broad spectrum of emotional and social development of children and adolescents. On the one hand, we look at this developmental spectrum from the perspective of developmental psychology and evolutionary psychology. On the other hand, our field of work is characterised by innovative approaches to the empirical research of social-emotional development. Our interdisciplinary team reflects the range of content in the field and deals with, among other things: Aggression, attachment, educational and socialisation conditions, delinquency, empathy, refugee experience, violence prevention, (inter)national education and school research as well as social-emotional learning.

A special focus is on research into the developmental trajectories of children and young people in special life and developmental situations. Our research is mainly quantitative and is carried out in international collaborations with colleagues in Bhutan, China, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Zambia and the USA.

In university teaching, our team represents the contents of the special educational focus "Emotional and Social Development" in the Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes "Special Education" at ISS/Gymnasiums as well as in the specialisation subject for students of primary school education.