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The first WERA-IRN EXTENDED EDUCATION Conference: Extended Education from an International Comparative Point of View

November 30 - December 2, 2017 in Bamberg, Germany

The first WERA-IRN EXTENDED EDUCATION Conference took place at the University of Bamberg, Germany, from November 30 to December 2, 2017.

To our great pleasure, more than 100 delegates from 16 countries have registered for the conference: from Europe we had guests from Germany, Switzerland, Serbia, Russia, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Iceland, Sweden, and Finland. There were participants from the U.S. and from Australia, and from Nigeria in Africa. We also welcomed guests from Asia: from Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, and Hong Kong in China.

In all these continents and countries, there are activities and programs focusing on the social, emotional, and academic development of children and adolescents. These programs are educationally structured to make it easier for the participants to learn specific contents.

In recent years, the term EXTENDED EDUCATION has been established internationally for this field of education to an increasing degree. We were proud to have seven keynote lectures, nine symposia, four paper sessions and eight posters at the conference.

The aim of this first WERA-IRN EXTENDED EDUCATION conference was to bring together different research perspectives, to synthesize the current state of research worldwide in this new field of EXTENDED EDUCATION, and to initiate an international research direction from a comparative point of view.

In 2019, an edited volume of some conference contributions will be published: Extended Education from an International Comparative Point of View by Marianne Schüpbach and Nanine Lilla (eds.) and Springer Publishing.

Furthermore, Prof. Dr. Marianne Schüpbach will take the responsibility of two special issues of the International Journal of Research on Extended Education (IJREE) concerning the Bamberg conference as a guest editor. The special issues will be published this year.

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