Publications of Members of the WERA-IRN EXTENDED EDUCATION

Special Issues of the International Journal of Research on Extended Education

In 2018, two special issues of the IJREE were published by Prof. Dr. Marianne Schüpbach as a guest editor. Both concern the 2017 WERA-IRN Extended Education Conference Extended Education from an International Comparative Point of View, that took place in at the University of Bamberg, Germany.

The first Special Section (2018/1) entitled Extended Education from an International Comparative Point of View includes the following articles:

The second Special Section (2018/2) A Discussion About Concepts and Terms in the Field of Extended Education contains the following articles:

Conference Volume: Extended Education from an International Comparative Point of View

An edited volume of 13 contributions of the 2017 conference, Extended Education from an International Comparative Point of View, which took place in Bamberg, Germany, will be published by Springer in summer 2019. The volume contains recent research about developments of extended education, its compensatory effects, and multiprofessional collaboration of staff and peer relations within the field of extended education. Moreover, there is a focus on the situation of extended education in Germany.

The volume is edited by Prof. Dr. Marianne Schuepbach and Dr. Nanine Lilla (Eds.).

Extracurricular Education of Children in Russia: Unified and Diverse (in Russian only)

Over the past decades, the authors have studied the system development of extracurricular activities in Russia. Their results are presented in this volume and includeall key aspects of extracurricular education: its structure, infrastructure, program content, funding approaches and human resources, development vectors and barriers, plus family expectations and strategies, including both territorial and socio-economic context. There is a special focus on the availability of services and the equality of educational opportunities.The volume is available in Russian only, but an English summary is currently prepared.The study was conducted under the leadership of Sergey Kosaretsky and Isak Frumin, and published by the Institute of Education of the Higher School of Economics in Moscow, Russia.

Contact: Sergey Kosaretsky

International Developments in Research on Extended Education (working title)

The volume is scheduled to be published by Barbara Budrich Publishers in autumn 2019. The purpose of this edited volume is to provide an overview of what extended education looks like across multiple nations around the world. Different models, policies, methods, and research findings will be discussed from an international perspective. Extended education is done differently around the world and the purpose of the volume is to understand and appreciate these differences with as much of an open mind as possible. By attempting to understand, compare, and (where appropriate) integrate these different practices as they occur in their social, cultural, and historical context, the editors hope to offer the reader a broader point of view on extended education and a critical perspective on their own society’s practices and policies.

This edited volume will be published by Prof. Dr. Sang Hoon Bae, Prof. Dr. Joseph L. Mahoney, Prof. Dr. Sabine Maschke, and Prof. Dr. Ludwig Stecher (Eds.). Table of Contents (PDF).

Extended Education – an International Perspective.

Proceedings of the International Conference on Extracurricular and Out-of-School Time Educational Research
The institutions and processes concerning out-of-school education are of ever growing importance. The scale of both public and private offers are steadily increasing, therefore individuals and families find more and more ways to satisfy their educational and training needs. This timely volume assesses the current impact and future of out-of-school education with case studies from eight different countries.

Ecarius, J., Klieme, E., Stecher, L., & Woods, J. (Eds.) (2013). Extended education: An Internation­al Perspective, Proceedings of the International Conference on Extracurricular and Out-of-School Time Education Research, Opladen: Barbara Budrich Publishers.