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Information for prospetive students

Please note, that the mono bachelor "educational science" is solely instructed in German and therefore sufficient German knowledge is a key requirement for successful admission!

What is the educational science course concerned with?

For an initial overview of course content, the structure of the program, day-to-day study, the application process and much more, we recommend the online course selection assistant (OSA - only in German) to those interested.

I am interested in studying educational science, what happens next?

The single bachelor's degree Educational Science (undergraduate program) is a study course with restricted admission. Therefore, applicants need to fulfill certain requirements and depending on their qualifications are granted admission through different fixed admission quotas (see admission limits in the regulations on allocation of study placements - only in German!).

How do I apply with a German "Higher Education Entrance Qualification"?

→ I apply through the application portal of Freie Universität Berlin (only possible during wintersemester!).

→ I can find the application period and deadlines here (only possible during wintersemester!).

How do I apply with a foreign/non-German "Higher Education Entrance Qualification"?

→ I have to apply within uni-assist (also registrating through DoSV).

→ Because of uni-assists processing time earlier deadlines may occur.

Documents must be submitted in certified copies and proof of German knowlegde is required.

How do I apply with an Equivalent Qualification (exp. without Higher Ecuation Entrance Qualifications)?

→ My application proceeds through Classification in a Group.

→ I can find detailed information regarding my application period and deadlines here.

A course program that has already been started at a different university can be continued at Freie Universität Berlin. Only in this case the possebility is given to apply for a Higher Subject-specific Semester, because sufficient credit points need to be provided.

For more specific questions, e.g. on maternity leave, there is an Advisory Guide (only German) that lists all relevant contact points at the university.