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General professional skills courses (ABV)

Please note: The Mono Bachelor Educational Science is instructed in German. Sufficient German knowledge is a key requirement for successful admission! We do our best to keep the English version of the Examination Office's website up to date. If you are able to, we advise you to refer to the German version as well.

What possibilities does the general professional skills area offer?

The course component “General professional skills” (ABV courses) is an interdisciplinary area of study that is divided into different competence components and is studied with 30 extra credit points. It gives students the opportunity for professional development and the expansion of one's own skills during the second and third semester of their studies.

Freely selectable modules from the FU-wide ABV competence courses - 10 ECTS

  • It is mandatory to choose courses worth 10 credit points from the above-mentioned competence areas (e.g. foreign languages, organization and management, IT courses, etc.) in order to further educate oneself (targeted towards professional work areas). There are contact persons for the individual competence areas who can be contacted if you have any specific questions.

Competence area "Subject-related additional qualification" - 20 ECTS

  • Internship - 15 ECTS

The mandatory internship work experience (only in German) is completed in the 3rd semester with 15 credit points (400 hours). Students here should gain insights into an professional field in the realm of education (e.g. infant education, social education or adult education) in order to transfer the knowledge gained from theory to practical use and apply it there. At the same time, they are given the opportunity to get to know the requirements and processes of specific pedagogical fields of work.

The internship is intended to provide orientation for the further course of studies (specification), the setting of individual priorities and the development of one's own career aspirations. It is accompanied by a practical seminar in the form of three colloquia (preparatory, accompanying and follow-up colloquium). After completing the internship, an internship report must be prepared as part of active participation (pass or fail grading). Information on the exact content and qualification goals can be found in the module description (only in German).

All questions and formalities relating to the internship (search for an internship, registration, advice, attendance of the internship seminar, internship report, internship abroad, etc.) should be sent to the internship officer´s contact person, Dr. Maksim Huebenthal (information only in German).

  • Module "Legal Foundations of Pedagogical Action" - ECTS

Also in the 3rd semester, the ABV module “Legal Foundations of Pedagogical Action” is studied with 5 ECTS. Information on the exact content, qualification goals and the scope can be found in the module description as well (only in German).