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Scientific investigation at the Havelmüller-Grundschule in Berlin-Reinickendorf

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May 01, 2021 — Jun 30, 2024

(Multi-) professional cooperation is seen as an important factor or even as crucial condition for the success of the nationwide introduction of all-day schools including full-time education, all-day care and inclusion. It is the key to cope with organizational requirements and enables an optimal design of school processes in respect of how pupils learn.

Within the framework of a scientific investigation at the Havelmüller-Grundschule (multi-) professional cooperation between participating actors will be studied in the context of the establishment of multiple Compartments (Lernhäuser) further focusing the interrelated development of inclusive education and all-day education offers. For this purpose, the involved actors will be asked to estimate the influence of (multi-) professional cooperation on class-level, in the Compartments and on school-level.

In form of a longitudinal study extended group discussions are held with various pedagogical teams, a survey is conducted and the school concepts are analyzed before and one year after the establishment of the Compartments.

On one hand, the investigation identifies current cooperation practices. On the other hand, there is a focus on basic school conditions and personal conditions, which are perceived as beneficial by the concerned actors. Furthermore, this endeavor studies elements of occasions for cooperation, which are leading to success according to interviewees.

Moreover, this investigation intends to evaluate the quality of the (multi-) professional cooperation before and after the establishment of the Compartments with the aim to abstract the results beyond the individual school.

The results will be discussed in form of a final report on the subject of the Qualitätsstandards Ganztag für die inklusive Berliner Ganztagsschule and the further development of the schools in Berlin in general.