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Further development of clinical-psychological assessments and research methods

The research focus deals with diagnostic topics within the framework of clinical-psychological intervention research as well as with research synthesis. On the one hand, the focus is on new diagnostic approaches which, contrary to the established classification into classical categories (e.g. major depression), have a more symptom-oriented or dimensional approach. Against this background, the re-conceptualization of the diagnosis of personality disorders in the ICD-11 will also be investigated, with a stronger focus on functional impairments in everyday life. In its implementation, the research focus increasingly uses mobile technologies and sensor technology (smartphones, smartwatches). With the help of ambulatory assessment methods, everyday and multimodal data sets are collected. Through cooperation with various start-up companies in the field of technology-supported (psychological) health services, department for Clinical-Psychological Intervention is actively seeking exchanges with young companies in order to promote the transfer of evidence-based assessments from research to practice. On the other hand, the focus in the area of research synthesis is on meta-analyses from psychotherapy research and on methodological aspects of checking heterogeneity in meta-analytical results, meta-meta-analyses and publication bias.