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General and women-specific biopsychological aspects of mental disorders

General and women-specific biopsychological aspects of mental disorders

One focus of the research group is to investigate the interaction between psychological and biological mechanisms of action in psychotherapeutic interventions.

We are interested in psychopathological changes in different biological systems (HPA axis, autonomic nervous system, oxytocin system) as correlates of the development and maintenance of mental disorders and in potential changes of these abnormalities in the context of psychotherapeutic interventions. In addition, we investigate whether changes in biological systems can predict the response to psychotherapy.

A second focus of our research are women-specific aspects of mental health, such as the associations between hormones, mood, and stress at different phases of the menstrual cycle.

We integrate markers of different biological systems (e.g. cortisol, α-amylase, oxytocin, estradiol) into basic and intervention studies using multi-methodological approaches (saliva, blood or hair samples). In addition, we pursue a multi-dimensional approach and investigate different biological systems in parallel in order to better understand their interactions.

In addition to empirical studies, we also conduct systematic reviews and meta-analyses on these topics.


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