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Affiliative courses

Please note: The Mono Bachelor Educational Science is instructed in German. Sufficient German knowledge is a key requirement for successful admission! We do our best to keep the English version of the Examination Office's website up to date. If you are able to, we advise you to refer to the German version as well.

What is the component affiliative courses?

The affiliative course credits (30 ECTS) make up a part of this single-subject bachelor's degree. Here, in addition to the actual educational focus in their course of studies, students can add to their professional profile. It can be helpful to ask yourself questions or create mind maps for ideas on how you could structure your affiliative courses. The handout "What are initial considerations?" (only in German) can be used as a first general guideline.

For students of the BA Educational Science, this means, that they can choose additional modules or modules from the wide range of subjects from the entire range of courses at Freie Universität Berlin.

What opportunities do affiliative courses over?

In the affinity area, students have the opportunity to gain insights into other subjects that interest them in addition to educational science, to supplement their own specialization or to develop a second specialization. The affiliative area can also be useful with regard to later professional goals.

Please note the current handout for the summer semester 2024!

What can I study in the affiliative area?

Mandatory affiliated module: "Introduction to Psychology as an affiliated subject"

The mandatory affiliated module "Introduction to Psychology as an affiliated subject" (10 ECTS) was offered regularly for the last time in winter semester 22/23.

For all those who have not yet completed this module, there will still be offers in WS 24/25.

For more affiliated course offers in Psychology, please continue to refer to the information sheet on the affiliative subject Psychology!

Freely selectable affiliative modules

The remaining 20 ECTS can be freely selected from the courses offered by Freie Universität Berlin (or other universities). The course catalog can provide a good orientation for the courses offered by Freie Universität Berlin. For further information, it is advisable to consult the study and examination regulations of other degree programs. In principle, there are no restrictions with regard to the range of subjects (except for pedagogical courses that are too similar to the Bachelor Educational Science, e.g. rehabilitation pedagogy, primary school pedagogy, social work, etc.).

Affiliative subject Psychology

Affiliative elective modules in psychology can only be started during the winter semester and extend over two semesters. There is no offer for the summer semester!

Affiliative subject Law

Courses of the Department of Law cannot be studied at Freie Universität Berlin as affiliated course. Students who still want to study affiliative courses in Law can do this at other universities as an auditor ("Nebenhörerschaft").

Contingent agreements (with placement restrictions)
For some departments, there are quota agreements for the amount of students that can study their affiliative course offers. Students must apply if they are interested. This applies to the following departments, among others:

Application deadlines 

Due to the limited number of placements, applications must be submitted for courses with a contingent agreement. If there are more applications than places for the module, a decision will be made by random draw.

Registration deadline for summer semester 2024: March 25, 2024 - via e-mail to studium-ewi@ewi-psy.fu-berlin.de

What other options are there?

If you are not interested in the courses offered by Freie Universität Berlin, or it is not possible for you to choose courses that interest you, you can also attend courses offered by other universities as an auditor ("Nebenhörerschaft").

Examples of this would be