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Bachelor thesis & Completion of the program

Please note: The Mono Bachelor Educational Science is instructed in German. Sufficient German knowledge is a key requirement for successful admission! We do our best to keep the English version of the Examination Office's website up to date. If you are able to, we advise you to refer to the German version as well. Currently getting updated!

How do I successfully finish my degree?

Ideally, the finishing portion of the degree consists of submitting the last examination in the 6th semester (generally the bachelor thesis), successfully completing the program with 180 credit points and Exmatriculation (standard period of study). The individual steps are explained in more detail below.

Bachelor thesis

The bachelor thesis (10 ECTS) is written in the 6th semester according to the course schedule. It is usually the last examination achievement (theoretically, however, it can also be a last term paper or active participation achievement). The title of the bachelor thesis is on the diploma (opportunity to present your own focus).

  • The following things must be observed for admission to the bachelor thesis: see information sheet (only in German)
  1. Application for admission (form request in German)
  2. Module listung (form in German)
  3. Topic suggestion (form request in German)
  4. Titel page (in German)
  5. Theses information worksheet (in German)

Graduation and finishing the degree

After completing all of the coursework and examinations required for graduation, an application for graduation must be submitted to the study and examination office. Only then can the certificate and certificate be issued. Together with the final documents, a handout (only in German) with the note on the equality of graduates of the BA Educational Science as educational specialists in child and youth welfare is handed over. See the letter (only in German) on activity in the social pedagogical service.

Exmatriculation (withdrawal)

In addition to the form for graduation, there is also the form for witdrawal from the university, which is submitted to the student administration (not in the study and examination office for educational science).

Here is all the important information about exmatriculation.

An application can be made to de-register even if examinations are still open. Due to the Berlin University Act, there is still an entitlement to an examination after official withdrawal. If you have any questions, please contact the Educational Science Office!

There is the possibility to de-register either at the end of the semester (winter semester on March 31st or summer semester on September 30th) or to the exact day (effective from the specified date).


As part of the alumni network, it is also possible to remain part of the university community after de-registering. If you are interested, it is possible for de-registered students to simply registrate here.