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Marie Curie Actions-Projekt "DIGIT-M-ED - Global Perspectives on Learning and ...

Welcome to the DIGIT-M-ED webpage. This research staff exchange project concerns the social, cultural, media-analytical and educational dimensions of digital media practices with a focus on the devices that are used for capturing, editing and circulating video data. DIGIT-M-ED aims at developing an innovative methodology for the interdisciplinary and comparative/cross-cultural study of emerging digital media and technologies practices and constellations with special attention to the voices and perspectives of the young people involved in research. Solid research synergies between German and Indian traditions of anthropological and sociological youth research, British scholarship in media analysis, Greek and Brazilian educational and youth research and Russian learning theories will be constructed more fully and creatively. Existing theoretical and methodological tools from 1) post-vygotskian psychology and learning theory 2) multimodal analysis and 3) anthropological research will be tested and further developed. A small-scale ethnographic research with young people in the age of 16-21 years who live in marginalized urban milieus in Athens, New Delhi and São Paulo is planed with the aim of designing large-scale research in the near future. Further activities such as workshops, collaborative teaching and joint publications and presentations will expand and intensify existing research partnerships. DIGIT-M-ED will thus facilitate the development of a productive and sustainable international research network that will investigate how digital media and technologies transform the everyday lives and affect the development of young people in North and South Europe, Brazil, Russia and India in the years to come. Financed by the Marie Curie People’s Program.


Michalis Kontopodis – michaliskonto(a)googlemail.com

Sofia Triliva - triliva(a)psy.soc.uoc.gr


link to website http://digitmed.wordpress.com