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Beyond Multicultural Art Education. International Perspectives

Doug Boughton, Rachel Mason: Beyond Multicultural Art Education. International Perspectives.

1999. 360 S. DM 38,- DM (Euro 19,43). ISBN 3-89325-783-7

Multiculturalism is a term that has been much used in educational texts in recent years. Its usage is frequently taken for granted in the rhetoric of curriculum literature. However, it has recently become clear that there are significant variations of interpretations of multiculturalism in different world regions. This book takes a new and deeper look at the notion of multiculturalism through the lens of art education. In educational terms art is a unique tool for the investigation of cultural values because it transcends the barrier of language and provides visceral and tacit insights into cultural change.

In order to address the educational interpretations and methods of implementing multiculturalism in different regios of the world, this book contains discussion and analysis of perspectives on art education theory and practice from thirteen countries. The authors of each chapter are respected multicultural experts in their geographic locations who are well equipped to provide unique insights into the particular issues of multiculturalism viewed from the perspective of art in educational contexts.


The book as a whole provides tools for the conceptual analysis of contemporary notions linked with multiculturalism, such as interculturalism, internationalism and globalisation. It also provides strategies for art teaching in relation to these ideas. While the term 'multicultural education' is problematic, this book presents conceptual frameworks that should assist educators to examine their own teaching on issues of equity and diversity that are central to the multicultural education debate.


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