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Paragrana. Well-Being

Susanne Klien und Christoph Wulf: Well-Being.
Emotions, Rituals and Performances in Japan.
Paragrana. Internationale Zeitschrift für Historische Anthropologie. Bd. 22, 1, Akademie Verlag: 2013

Susanne Klien/Christoph Wulf:
Introduction: Well-being in Ritual

Peter Ackermann:
The Price of Ritual                                   17-27

Ingrid Kellermann: Can Happiness
be Created in Rituals? An Ethnographic
Perspective on the Staging of
in the Family in Germany and in Japan      

Jörg Zirfas:
Fast Food and Fun: Well-being in
Modern Eating Rituals                             

Volker Schubert:
Die Organisation von Wohlbefinden
in japanischen Kindergärten                     

Hisako Omori: Rite of Redemption:
Japanese Canadians, Remembrance Day,
and the
Restorative Power of Rituals         71-88

Ryofu Pussel:
Ritual and Well-being in the Contemporary
Shikoku Pilgrimage: The “Spectrum
of the Sacred”                                                 89-104

Klaus-Peter Köpping:
The Auspiciousness of the Performative
Body-Ritual Dancing in Folk-Religious
Festival in Japan                                  105-129

Yogo Nagao:
Folk-Performing Arts, Community Life
and Well-being:
Why shishimai Matters
in Toyama, Japan                                 

Susanne Klien:
Bullfighting, Self- Enhancement and
Well-being in Rural Japan                      154-164

William Lee: Whose Festival is it?
Patterns of Participation in the
Japanese matsuri                                

Izumi Kuroishi:
Shinjo Matsuri: Community Revitalization
through the Construction and
Circulation of Decorated Floats             180-196

John Traphagan:
Rituelle Modulation, Liminalität und
die nembutsu-Praxis im ländlichen

Christoph Wulf:
The Happiness of the Family Reflected in
Rituals, Narratives, Images, and Per
formances                                      214-234

Shoko Suzuki:
Wisdom on the Pursuit of Happiness
in Daily Life:
Christmas Celebrations
in the German Family                          

Ruprecht Mattig:
Transnational Ecstasy and Japanese
Cultural Pattern in the
Pedagogy of Outward Bound Japan      

Jörg Potrafki:
From Fighting to Joy in Kendo              269-280

Klaus Zhebe:
The “Performance” of Kyõgen.
Rituals and Topoi of Well-being           

Alexander J. Wulf:
Well-being and Risk-taking Behavior.
A Case of Study of Employee Well-being
Policies in Corporate Japan                  293-306