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Anthropology of Education

Christoph Wulf: Anthropology of Education.Münster: Lit 2002. (History and Theory of Anthropology/ Geschichte und Theorie der Ethnologie; 2). ISBN 3-8258-5681-x.

Educational anthropology constitutes a new important field of education. It deals with central educational concepts from an anthropological perspective. As historical and cultural anthropology it takes into account the historicity and culturality of education.

The book focuses on major issues of education:

The Problem of Human Perfectibility and the Difficulty of Human Change - Mimesis in Education, Culture and Anthropology - Global and Intercultural Education - Educational Anthropology: A New Perspective on Education.

Table of Content


Part One: The Problem of Human Perfectibility

1. The Dream of Education

2. Perfecting the Individual. Wilhelm von Humboldt´s Anthropology of Education

3. Work as Gesture and Ritual

Part Two: Mimesis in Education, Culture and Anthropology

4. Mimesis as an Anthroplogical Concept

5. Mimesis in Education

6. The Mimetic Production of Gestures and Rituals

7. Imagination and the Mimesis of Images

Part Three: Global and Intercultural Education

8. Youth Violence

9. The Other

10. The Globalisation of Education

Outlook - Educational Anthroplogy: A New Perspective on Education