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Overview of Modules

Welcome to the MCNB to our new students in the year 2021!

The faculty of the MCNB would like to send you a warm welcome!

We are looking forward to see you in the #braincityberlin for the beginning of the academic winter term 2021/22 as Master student in the Master Cognitive Neuroscience Berlin (MCNB). You will be the first generation of students in the MCNB, which is the Master Programme replacing the 'Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience' (SCAN) Master's Programme. Thereby, the MCNB builds on more than 10 years of experience in education in cognitive neuroscience on the Master level.

In the Master courses you will benefit from small classes (typcially ~20 students), and very direct and close exchange and interaction with the faculty. We hope that it will be possible for all of you to join the programme on-site in Berlin as soon as possible! At the moment all courses are planned to take place on-site at the Freie Universität.

Please get in contact with the programme coordinator Dr. Timo Torsten Schmidt (timo.t.schmidt@fu-berlin.de) if there are difficulties for you to come to Berlin until the start of the Semester. Lectures will start on the 18.October

Before the start of the lectures there is several introductory and welcome events. Some of them are organized centrally by the Freie Universität Berlin. In addition, we have also organized specific departmental welcoming events for you. Please not the following introductory events:

11 October 2021

15:00Uhr CampusTour

Meeting Point: U-Bahn Dahlem Dorf, https://goo.gl/maps/QXZH6dLMsD5ZFn6Q6 (52°27'28.1"N 13°17'24.5"E)

16:30Uhr Welcome Lecture

On-site room: JK 31/228

Online: https://fu-berlin.webex.com/meet/timo.t.schmidt

18 October 2021

10:15Uhr Start of first lecture

(check course catalog for location info)

20 October 2021

17:30 Welcome drinks in front of the CCNB

for MCNB and SCAN students and lecturers