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MCNB admission calendar for applications to the winter term 2024

News vom 02.06.2024

Dear MCNB24 Candidates,

Below you see the tentative schedule of the admission and registration schedule. Please note that these dates are subject to change and are not yet finalized. Always check your mailbox to get the latest information. Candidates eligible for wait time may not get a personal interview invitation but may still receive an admission letter.


Start of the application period April 15
End of application period May 31
Promising candidates will receive a personal online interview invitation email with your dedicated time slot ca. June 25/26
Deadline to confirm your interview attendance

ca. July 7


ca. July 15-18
First round of admission letters will be send (only admitted candidates are notified at this stage)

ca. July 19

Deadline for accepting the admission letter and sending physical copies of your documents via postal mail

ca. July 31

Second round of admission letters are sent (only if places have not been filled in the first round) ca. August

Orientation week (aim to be in Berlin around this time) 

October 9-11
Beginning of the lectures October 14
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