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05.10.2023 (10.15h - 11.45h) Vortrag von Joyce Weeland



News vom 05.09.2023

Lecture by Joyce Weeland Erasmus University of Rotterdam 

Colloquium presentation: What works for whom in parenting programs? 5 attempts to answer this question that failed (but from which I learned a lot) 

Short description 

Joyce Weeland works as an assistant professor at the Youth and Family department of the Erasmus University in Rotterdam (The Netherlands) Preventing problems in parenting and child development is at the core of her research. Her work ranges from studies on the implementation and effectiveness of specific prevention programs to broad prevention issues, such as: How can we develop and implement new prevention programs in a sustainable way? How does the neighborhood in which children grow up contribute to their resilience? How can we counter the negative effects of growing up in poverty? In her work, she therefore explores different research methods, strives to collaborate with different disciplines, stakeholders, and children, and to build a community of learners. 

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