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Application Documents

Yes, you can provide certificates from online universities together with your degree specification.

No, such letters will not be taken into consideration during the review of your application.

No motivation letter is required for the application

MCNB is a consecutive master’s program designed to follow a bachelor’s
degree. It is not designed as a second master’s degree. Therefore, a
master’s degree or a TOR cannot be a substitute for a bachelor’s degree as
proof of study background. Your admission will be based on the
evaluation of the bachelor`s degree. Candidates who have/will have a
master’s degree should apply with their bachelor’s degree certificate. You
can fill in and submit the form "Self-indication for study background
equivalence" if aspects of your master`s degree are informative to the
admission board.

If you studied one of the listed programs, apply with that bachelor's diploma/transcript of records. If your bachelor's program does not match with one of the listed programs, then fill out the study equivalence form, submit it along with other documents. There you can add details about your second bachelor's or master's education.

For the first step of the admission process, the grade of the bachelor degree with which you apply will be considered. 

No, fill out the self-disclosure form and submit it if and only if your bachelor's program, with which you are applying, IS NOT listed as eligible. There is no added benefit if you submit the form when you do not have to.

If you have already graduated and  your final grade is not written on your bachelor's degree certificate (i.e, diploma), please submit your transcript of records (TOR) along with your bachelor's degree certificate. Make sure TOR includes your final grade.

No, we do not. The end of the application period is a hard deadline. Candidates cannot submit new applications or documents (e.g., a language certificate) after the deadline.

Uni-assist is first to receive your application. They check your documents and then forward them to the respective universities. You can find useful information regarding assembling your documents via the following website:


The application form refers to the questions you have to fill on uni-assist or the FU application portal, no separate form exists.

If you are applying via uni-assist you could submit the form along with the other documents. Please do not send the form in advance to ask if you are eligible or not.