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As soon as all places are filled, FU will send rejection letters (around mid-August), which will be the final decision.

No, we cannot issue such letters until the candidate submits their application and their application is assessed by the admission committee.

MCNB receives hundreds of applications every year. Around 23 students are admitted each year.

The exact number of admissions depend on multiple factors and will not be published here, but we assume that the number will be around 23.

Yes, you can. You need to have completed 120 ECTS credits at the time of application - this will be checked in your Transcript of Records, which you submit with your application. Please find this information in the Access Charter:


Yes, sometimes not all allocated seats are taken by the candidates and there might still be unoccupied seats available. In this case, FU Berlin Admissions Office may send the second round of admission letters to fill the empty seats. This means, candidates may still receive an admission letter towards mid-August. As soon as all places are filled, FU will send rejection letters, which will be the final decision.

No, admission decisions are only valid for the upcoming semester. If candidates do not register/matriculate, they lose their seat.

It is not necessary to have your bachelor’s program completed to start
the MCNB (e.g. you have not handed in your bachelor's thesis). Freie
Universität will allow you to matriculate even when your bachelor’s
program is not completed. However, you need to complete it and bring a
proof of completion by the end of the first semester in the MCNB (end of

Typically everyone starts from the first semester of the program. Admission to a higher semester is only possible if there would be free places (which in the past has been happening rarely). If there are free places and an application for the summer term is opening, you need to be able to show/argue that you have taken courses that cover the teaching content of the first semester of the MCNB. As this will be challenging and an admission rather unlikely, we advise applying for the winter term and discourage applying for the 'higher semester' in the summer term.

Admission letters are sent in batches (e.g., first, second, third) if not all candidates accept the offer (the first round) or do not send their documents for registration/immatriculation, Then, the seats that are not taken in the first round are offered in the second round.

You will be asked questions about your background, research interests, ambitions, and specific motivation to enroll in the MCNB.

For the interview, you should be prepared to shortly tell what your Bachelor's thesis (or a comparable project) was about. 

Please note that the interview will only be 10 minutes long. Be ready to answer the questions in a short and concise manner.

According to the German grading system, the cutoff in recent years
was between 1.6 and 2.2. In other words, candidates with final grades in
their bachelor`s degree below that cut-off did not make it to the second
round of the application process, namely the interviews.

Results are announced in mid to end of July.