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Who do I submit my sick note to if I cannot take an exam or submit an assignment on time?


If you are unable to attend a scheduled exam date, you do not need to officially withdraw from it (e.g. in the event of illness = no medical certificate is required).

However, brief information to the lecturers would be helpful for their preparation for the exam (e.g. number of copies of the exam copies).

This examination attempt is then deemed not to have been made.

Important: The situation is different if you show up for the scheduled exam date and take notes on the exam. In this case, the examination is considered to have been taken. If you hand in this exam (e.g. hand in a blank sheet), this attempt is considered failed (= grade 5.0).



After consultation with your lecturer on a presentation topic, if a written paper, a term paper topic, or a project report is handed in, the associated submission period has begun.

If, after this agreement, you do not submit your examination at the agreed time, the attempt will be considered failed (= 5.0). In the event of illness, a medical certificate including a form (to be completed by the doctor) must be submitted. A simple sick note is not enough!

The following should be noted when requesting an extension of the processing period

• Equal treatment of students takes priority. It must be clarified in each individual case why an extension of the processing deadline should be granted.

• If there is a valid reason, this must be explained and proven in writing to the examination board (exception: in the case of illness, a medical certificate including a form (to be filled out by the doctor) must be presented to the lecturer; both must then be submitted to the examination office).

• Valid reasons are usually reasons that are not your fault and are understandable, such as: Illness, accident, court summons, death of a close family member.