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Division of School and Teaching Research

Habelschwerdter Allee 45
Room JK 24/229
14195 Berlin

The Division of School and Teaching Research engages in various empirically oriented research projects to examine the conditions for successful learning. Topics are:

  • self-determined motivation in students in schools and universities
  • gender roles and their association with academic or social development
  • inclusion and heterogeneity in schools
  • experiences of discrimination and the threat of stereotypes in schools
  • quality feedback in schools
  • school transitions
  • self-concept, identity, self-worth
  • intervention studies in teaching and tutoring
  • relationships between teachers and children
  • relationships between students in schools
  • promotion of the competencies of students in teacher training for evidence-based practice in schools
  • stress and burnout among teachers

Academic Team

Research Assistants (in alphabetical order)

Univ.-Prof. Dr. B. Hannover Dr. K. Koeppen
J. Böttger Dr. M. Kreutzmann
M. Frühauf  M. Roswag
T. Mros Dr. M. Schmidt-Daffy
Dr. J. Hildebrandt L. Zander

Student Research Assistants (in alphabetical order)

L. Buchwald R. Piskol
T. Hochhard M. Valcarcel Jimenez
J. Hornig  
A. Koch  
S. Krebs