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Project FlexGanz

Research Team:

German Federal Ministry of Education and Research

Mar 01, 2024 — Feb 29, 2028

Project FlexGanz - Accompanying research on the FlexGanztag school trial


The aim of the „FlexGanz" accompanying research, carried out by Freie Universität Berlin, is to investigate the „FlexGanztag" school trial over a period of four years. The „FlexGanztag" school trial, initiated by the Senate Department for Education, Youth and Family, aims to develop a new organizational model for Berlin's all-day primary schools. In the course of the „FlexGanz" accompanying research, the main question is to what extent the new organizational model succeeds in meeting the needs of students, parents and educational staff even better than the previous all-day school forms.

At the context level, the respective internal school concept and other framework conditions for participation and enrollment options are analyzed first. At the process level, aspects of implementation are the focus of the analysis. The assessments of students, parents and educational staff in this regard are analyzed over a period of three school years. Finally, at the outcome level, the development of the number of participants over the school trial is analyzed. These are then compared to the collected data, in order to identify aspects for successful implementation.