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Research Project ProGanz

Principal Investigator:
Jun 01, 2023 — May 31, 2026

Joint professionalisation in educational training for an inclusive all-day primary school (ProGanz)


Along with the planned expansion of all-day places for primary school children in Berlin by 2030 goes a great need for educational specialists. The joint design of all-day programs and further development of all-day primary school and the associated multi-professional collaboration between the professionals are just two of a range of challenges that go hand in hand with the expansion of all-day schools. The accomplishment of these tasks requires a good training of the educational staff working at all-day primary schools, such as teachers, educators and childhood educators. In this context, the research project ProGanz, which is funded by the Senate Department for Education, Youth and Family, aims to clarify which structural and content-related conditions for success must exist for the joint training of educators for all-day primary schools.

In phase 1, the current training of the different educational professions in Berlin will be analysed. In phase 2, best practice characteristics of national and international approaches to linking the university qualification of educators will be recognised. Based on the results, measures for the joint professionalisation of actors for all-day primary schools in Berlin will be identified and developed in a final step (phase 3).