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Validation of a Smartphone-based Ambulatory Assessment of Symptoms of Depression

Psychological smartphone apps allow a large number of users* to access low-threshold services that can be used to identify symptoms, prevent or accompany treatment. Health apps with a focus on depression exist in large numbers on the market, but are often not sufficiently scientifically tested. At the same time, many apps already reach large numbers of users* today. Consequently, there is a very high need for research in this area. The AB Clinical Psychological Intervention therefore accompanies the development of the depression screening app Moodpath by means of psychometric evaluation studies. Moodpath was developed by the Berlin start-up Aurora Health GmbH and enables the everyday collection of symptoms of depression and other diagnostically relevant factors over a period of 14 days. The AB Clinical Psychological Intervention investigates the psychometric quality of the app-based assessment of symptoms of depression by comparing the results with established clinical psychological assessment methods.



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Burchert, S., Kerber, A., Zimmermann, J. & Knaevelsrud, C. (2019). 14-day smartphone ambulatory assessment of depression symptoms and mood dynamics in a general population sample: comparison with the PHQ-9 depression screening. Submitted for publication.