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Online-intervention research

intervention research is on the adaptation, development and optimisation of new and existing online therapeutic offers for people who are affected by different mental strains.

Offers are tested in clinical, randomized controlled studies and naturalistic designs in order to justify their empirical use. With the promise of low-thresholds through the use of new media, offers can be developed for specific groups of people who are insufficiently taken into account in existing care structures. It will also be examined how online therapeutic services can be meaningfully integrated into the existing standard care in the sense of a blended care approach.

Another focal point is the focus on mechanisms of action in online-therapeutic offers. Various questions are answered like: Is the therapeutic relationship in online interventions just as important as in face-to-face therapy? How much contact between clients and consultants is actually necessary? Is the improvement of the symptoms during an intervention related to the usage behaviour of the users and does it make a difference in which order the contents of the intervention are processed?


In the last project phase / expiring / project finished, but currently still in publication stage:

  • REPAIR/  Two lives/ Sepsis project
  • Online Therapy for soldiers with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder