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Admission & Application

Information about application, admission, and eligibility; followed by an FAQ Section.

Admission to Cognitive Neuroscience is highly competitive and bound to a series of necessary preconditions. Applicants need to meet the following two criteria:

  • Bachelor's degree in psychology, neurosciences, cognitive science, data science, mathematics, physics, biology, computer sciences, or first two parts of the Certificate of Physician Exam (Ärztliche Prüfung) or equivalent.
  • Proof of proficiency in English (C1 level), if not a native speaker (List of accepted proofs of English proficiency)

The admission process consists of three steps that run from initial application in April/May to a final admission decision by the end of July (tentatively).

Candidates submit their applications in different ways:

Step 1 - Submission of Application

Every year from Mid-April until the End of May

The submission of application documents is possible for each winter semester.

Please submit the following:

  • Application form (refers to the questions you have to fill on uni-assist
    or the FU application portal, no separate form exists)”
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) in English
  • Official copy of the transcript of records (TOR) from your current academic institution if you have not graduated yet. If you have already graduated, official copy of your Bachelor's degree certificate (i.e, diploma). (Note: If your submitted degree certificates does not specify your final grade, kindly upload TOR along with your bachelor's degree certificate. Also make sure TOR specifies your final grade. This information is crucial for the admission process)
  • Proof of English language proficiency

If (and only if) your BA/BSc degree is NOT among the courses listed below for eligibility, also submit the following form:

Step 2 - Interview

(beginning of July)

 Admission to the Master Cognitive Neuroscience follows a downward point-based ranking ranging from 100-0 selection points (SP), with 100 being top score. 

  • Grades of the undergraduate program will be transferred to a point score up to 60 SP.
    (for more information: student affairs office)
  • Promising applicants will be invited to 10 min interviews (online).
    The admission commission will evaluate the motivation and qualification of prospective students by means of these interviews and award them with up to another 40 SP leading to a maximum number of 100 SP. 

Step 3 - Final Selection

(end of July / beginning of August)

All approval notifications will be sent out at the end of July / beginning of August.


The probability of being admitted to the program depends on the number of applications and other candidates. The necessary qualification (apart from English level C1) is a bachelor's degree in one of the following fields:

  • psychology
  • neuroscience
  • cognitive science
  • data science
  • mathematics
  • physics
  • biology
  • computer science
  • both parts of the Certificate of Physician Exam (Ärztliche Prüfung)
  • or an equal qualification "gleichwertig" (see the following paragraph)

In cases where the name of the candidate's BSc/BA degree is not identical with the listed study programs, the selection committee has to decide if candidate's BSc/BA degree can be “considered as equal” (in German: “gleichwertig”). Decision on whether or not your degree is considered as equal depends on your background (i.e. TOR records) in the following fields:

  • mathematics / statistics
  • programming / Computer Science / Data Science
  • background in quantitative empirical research (e.g. an empirical thesis or internships)
  • cognitive psychology
  • neurobiology / medicine / biological psychology

To assist the admission committee with the decision if your study background can be considered equal, please fill out and submit the self-disclosure form together with your application (only if your study program is not on the list above): Click here for the form.

Please Note: It is not possible for us to confirm candidates' eligibility for the master's program in advance. Please DO NOT send an email with CV/TOR. Candidates' eligibility can only be assessed once they submit their applications.

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)