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SONA für Forschende/ SONA for Researchers

SONA Systems provides an own documentation for researchers:


You can request a researcher account by sending an E-Mail to sona@ewi-psy.fu-berlin.de. Please describe briefly your concern with the EMail subject “Researcher Account Request”.

Within your request please add the following information:

  • your full name
  • your university e-mail-adress
  • the division and working group you belong to
  • the name and e-mail address of your supervisor or your working group leader here at FU-Berlin


(Link to FU-SONA-System: https://fu-berlin.sona-systems.com)

The PDF Document "SONA Manual for researchers" will get you started.

(Please check for regular updates: The current version is from 11.02.2023)  

More detailed information about SONA can be found in the PDF-Document Sona Master Documentation.

(Link to FU-SONA-System: https://fu-berlin.sona-systems.com)

In this video the company SONA demonstrates the use of the system for researchers. 

(Link to FU-SONA-System: https://fu-berlin.sona-systems.com)

The following persons can request a researcher account:

  • employees of the Department of Education and Psychology at Freie Universität Berlin who are conducting an empirical study
  • students in the Bachelor's and Master's degree programs in psychology at Freie Universität Berlin who are conducting their own studies (e.g., as part of their Bachelor's or Master's thesis) under the supervision of a member of our department

(Researchers from other institutions can only request a researcher account if there is cooperation with a research group from our department.)


(Link to FU-SONA-System: https://fu-berlin.sona-systems.com)