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SONA für Forschende/ SONA for Researchers

You can request an researcher account by sending an E-Mail to sona@ewi-psy.fu-berlin.de briefly describing your concern with the EMail subject “Researcher Account Request”.

Within your request please add the following information:

  • your full name
  • your university e-mail-adress
  • the division and working group you belong to
  • the name and e-mail address of your supervisor or your working group leader  


(Link to FU-SONA-System: https://fu-berlin.sona-systems.com)

The PDF Document "SONA Manual for researchers" will get you started.

(Please check for regular updates: The current version is from 11.02.2023)  

More detailed information about SONA can be found in the PDF-Document Sona Master Documentation.

(Link to FU-SONA-System: https://fu-berlin.sona-systems.com)

In this video the company SONA demonstrates the use of the system for researchers. 

(Link to FU-SONA-System: https://fu-berlin.sona-systems.com)

(Link to FU-SONA-System: https://fu-berlin.sona-systems.com)