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The Future of Transport in Europe

Evolution, Revolution oder Transformation? Wie können Szenarien vollautomatischen Fahrens aussehen und was bedeutet es für das gesamte soziotechnische System der Automobilität? Mit dem EJFR-Beitrag "Transition pathways to fully automated driving and its implications for the sociotechnical system of automobility" von Eva Fraedrich (Geographisches Institut, HU Berlin), Sven Baiker und Barbara Lenz (DLR, Institut für Verkehrsforschung) ist ein weiterer Beitrag in der Topical Collection: The Future of Transport in Europe erschienen.

News vom 10.09.2015

Transition pathways to fully automated driving and its implications for the sociotechnical system of automobility

(Eva Fraedrich, Sven Beiker, Barbara Lenz)


The advent of fully automated road vehicles is a topic currently getting attention in the field of transport as well as futures research: the technology is assumed to radically change the way we move in the future as well as to expand and differentiate existing mobility concepts. Still, the implications of automated driving are first and foremost discussed from a technological point of view and uncertainty about how this transition might take place remains. The embedding in the system of automobility respectively the transport system as a whole, currently lacks analytical as well as empirical examination. In our paper, we will discuss the topic in relation to three possible sociotechnical transition scenarios: (1) evolution, (2) revolution and (3) transformation. We will extrapolate different scenarios of automated driving based on current technical, economic, infrastructural, spatial, and transport developments and discuss its consequences for the transport system and mobility concepts.


Autonomous driving Fully automated driving Sociotechnical transformation System of automobility

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Erschienen im European Journal of Futures Research, Topical Collection: The Future of Transport in Europe

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