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Shakespeare Corpus

  • Below, you'll find the link to the results of the quantitative narrative analysis of all 154 Shakespeare Sonnets described in:
    Jacobs, A.M., Schuster, S., Xue, S., & Lüdtke, J. (2017). What’s in the brain that ink may character ….: A Quantitative Narrative Analysis of Shakespeare’s 154 Sonnets for Use in (Neuro-)Cognitive Poetics. Scientific Study of  Literature. 7(1), p. 4 - 51. [link]


Variable Overview (Table A1 from the article)

- QNA-results for 154 Shakespeare Sonnets

  • You'll need a password to open these files, so please contact us:

- Jana Lüdtke (jana.luedtke[at]fu-berlin.de)

- Arthur M. Jacobs (ajacobs[at]zedat.fu-berlin.de)

- Sarah Schuster (sarah.schuster[at]stud.sbg.ac.at)