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Empirical study of Literature Training Network (ELIT)

The Empirical Study of Literature Innovative Training Network (ELIT) is an EU funded Innovative Training Network (MSCA-ITN-2019, Grant Agreement 860516) whose mission is to provide a Joint/Double Doctorate level training programme, valid throughout all Europe, on innovative approaches applied to literary reading in the digital age. This interdisciplinary programme will train future research leaders with the capability to address the needs of improving literacy rates and mental wellbeing in European society.

WP1 - Fundamental processes underlying literary reading 

Work Packaged 1 is a close cooperation between four of the nine partners:

  • Freie Universität Berlin: Mesian Tilmatine (ERS), Arthur Jacobs & Jana Lüdtke (PIs)
  • University of Vienna: Kirren Chana (ERS), Helmut Leder (PI)
  • University of Warsaw: Akshay Mendhakar (ERS), Monika Płużyczka (PI)

Together the four projects work on the question "What are the fundamental processes that underlie literary reading?" using multilevel, neuro-cognitive methods and combining qualitative and quantitative text analysis with reader responses.

Individual Research Project hosted at Freie Universität Berlin (ESR 1)

Neurocognitive Poetics: Towards new integrative models and methods

The project aims at developing an integrative process model of reader responses and reading experiences with ecologically valid texts and in natural reading environments. The new model will be based on previous theoretical models of
neurocognitive poetics and neuroaesthetics. Model predictions will be tested combining numerically aided phenomenology with neurocognitive methods to show both its principled validity and possible limitations. 

Our Early Stage Researcher (ERS) is Mesian Tilmatine.   

Within this project there is a close cooperation with our non-academic partner Shared Reading.


We organise a fisrt workshop for WP1 on neurocognitive models of literary reading and foregrounding:

--> 04.04. and 05.04.202: Due to the pandemic situation the workhop is organised online

--> Here you find more information